Controller - Fanuc 0i-TF Plus
- Mitsubishi M80A
- Siemens 828D
Bed swing diameter mm 450
Saddle swing diameter mm 280
Maximum turning diameter mm 260/240
Maximum turning length mm 300
Bar capacity mm 42
Power chuck diameter inch 6
Spindle motor power kw 5.5/7.5
Spindle speed rpm 5,000
Spindle nose taper ASA A2-5
Spindle bearing diameter mm 90
Spindle taper - 1/20
X-axis travel mm 125+20
Z-axis travel mm 300
X-axis rapid feed rate m/min 24
Z-axis rapid feed rate m/min 30
Guide way type slideway Linear
Turret driven type - Hydraulic
Tool capacity station 8/10
OD tool shank size mm 25
ID tool shank size mm 32
Tailstock travel positioning - Manual
Tailstock quill travel mm 80
Tailstock travel mm 200
Quill taper size MT MT#4
Quill taper diameter mm 70
Floor space (LxWxH) mm 2978x1610x1772
Machine weight kg 3300
  • Spindle


The headstocks for all the products are equipped with one-piece casting. High precision Japan-made bearings from NSK are installed to provide high capacity of the bearing load, and effectively deliver a high precision and durability performance.


  • ​Spindle Motor Power


  • Turret


The interior mechanism employs flat parallel cam, featuring high indexing accuracy and fast tool changing time. Turret disk rotation is driven by oil pressure motor to provide strong cutting torque and enhance the performance stability. It suits both heavy and light cutting.



30˚ slant wedge saddle design and heavy-duty structure foundation, an optimization of the rigidity of the overall machine structure is applied to the headstock, turret, and tailstock. KFM insists to use MIT (Made In Taiwan) casting only to offer our users the best quality assurance. Lasting metal cutting precision accuracy and cutting tool life extension are highly guaranteed.

Linear slideway lowers the friction and provides high positioning accuracy. In the aspect of after-sales maintenance, linear guide way is relatively maintenance-friendly by just changing the sliding blocks and sideways will be able to regain the performance display.

  • Bar Feeder


Optional automatic bar feeder choice will provide better productivity performance by minimize the time needed for feeding the materials. No restriction on the spindle speed or the shape of material. Alternative feeding torques can be applied for different diameters of material, weight and length to avoid the deformation of materials.



  • Tool Presetter


Optional Reinshaw or Marposs tool presetter accessory provides higher production output and minimizes the machine idle time. It precisely measures the cutting tool length and diameter, and offers solution for tool setting, broken tool detection, component set-up, in-cycle gauging and first of component inspection, with automatic offset updates.



  • Parts Catcher


Parts catcher automatically receives the finished parts. To provide easy access to the finished parts without going through the trouble of opening the machine door. High efficiency and operator friendly


  • Gantry Loading / Unloading System


Automatic parts loading and unloading system provides one more solution to the high labor mobility issue with the side benefit of offering high production output. The system is available to one-to-one or one-to-many machines. This is a future tend that you wont want to miss!